RS govt. the biggest beneficiary of foreign projects, but wants to label NGOs as 'foreign agents'.

SARAJEVO -- In recent years, the authorities of the entity of Republika Srpska (RS) have been the biggest beneficiary of foreign projects from the European Union and the United States of America, and now all non-governmental organizations that apply to the same donors by those same authorities are being labeled as "agents of foreign influence", which is foreseen by the new law on the publicity of the work of non-profit organizations, which was adopted in the form of a draft in the National Assembly of the RS, warns Transparency International.

Representatives of civil society left the public debate on this law today and presented only one request - that it be withdrawn from the procedure.

Official data show that billions of foreign money have arrived to support the democratic development, economy and infrastructure of the RS.

According to data from the US Agency for International Development (USAID), in recent years, Republika Srpska has received 620 million dollars in projects and investments in economic activities, democracy, financial reconstruction and infrastructure.

Nevertheless, in less than a year, Milorad Dodik thanked USAID for projects in Republika Srpska and accused the same USAID of financing non-governmental organizations, which is why he advocated the adoption of a "law on foreign agents", emphasizes Transparency International.

Among other things, in Republika Srpska, USAID financed projects for creating a register of tax and non-tax benefits, improving the treasury operation of health institutions, a system for control and collection of contributions, a register of inspection procedures, etc.

This law should put on...

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