Osman TopAagiA elected as the new president of the Paneuropean Union of BiH.

At the Reporting-Election Assembly of the Paneuropean Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the new President, Osman Topcagic, was elected, who on this occasion submitted a request to the European Commission to prepare and publish the opinion on the application submitted by BiH for the membership as soon as possible.

This opinion, as he said, will be the most comprehensive analysis and assessment of the situation so far in all areas in BiH and its compliance with the acquis, regulations, principles, and values of the European Union

"Such an analysis can be the basis for the joint engagement of all political actors in BiH, both in the government and in opposition, because all of them in their programs, support this process. The Paneuropean Union will continue to contribute to the accession of BiH to the European Union as it is a project of a generation and for the general good," Topcagic said.

He also pointed out that after the General Elections, new authorities need to speed up the activities on the path to the EU because BiH lags behind other countries that are part of the Stabilization and Association...

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