KomA!iA++ receives credentials from the newly appointed ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden.

SARAJEVO -- Chairman of the BiH Presidency A1/2eljko KomA!ic received the letter of credence from the newly appointed Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to Bosnia and Herzegovina Ira Helena Louise Lagerlof.

The Chairman of the BiH Presidency expressed a warm welcome to the ambassador and expressed his gratitude to Sweden for continuous and strong support for the reform processes in achieving the Euro-Atlantic goals of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He particularly pointed out the importance of Sweden's technical support to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the next stages of accession to Euro-Atlantic integration, with training for relevant institutions, with a focus on individual chapters of EU aquis and the experience of the Kingdom of Sweden in their implementation.

The ambassador stressed that Sweden highly values the strong and excellent relations between the two countries, mainly based on cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina's citizens who live in Sweden in large numbers and have not forgotten their roots and homeland. She said that during her mandate, she will continue to work on improving those relations.

The interlocutors pointed out that the confirmation of Sweden's support for the process of integration of Bosnia and...

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