Global Media Congress to offer answers to key questions for the future of the media industry.

SARAJEVO -- The organizers of the second Global Media Congress (GMC), which will be held from November 14 to 16 this year in Abu Dhabi, have announced a rich program with numerous panel discussions in which the participation of prominent persons from the media, as well as numerous other spheres, is expected.

The focus of this year's GMC is shaping the media industry's future, which is rapidly changing and forcing media companies to adapt to thrive. Several interesting panel discussions are planned on the first day of the Congress on the topics "Government Communication Tools for Sensitizing Audiences on Climate Change", "Think Tanks at the Forefront of Climate Action", "Development of Journalism: What it Covers and What it Covers Up", "Content Production in the Era of Sustainability" " and "Data in the Service of Truth: The Importance of Data Analysis and Visualization".

An intensive program of panel sessions is planned for the remaining days of the GMC, and among the topics of these discussions are the protection of content from piracy, fake news and changes brought by artificial intelligence and media education, i.e. how the media, media schools and technology companies can cooperate more. "Sustainable Revenue Models in the Digital Era: Defining a Pathway to Profitability" and "Print Media: Is There Light at the End of the Digital Tunnel?" are some of the panel discussions on the last day of the Congress.

The Global Media Congress is the ideal platform for businesses to connect with global thought leaders, learn about the latest trends, and collaborate on new ideas. This year, the Global Media Congress will feature the exhibition, where leading international and local brands will showcase the latest tech, products, and services in media. The event will also host the conference, which brings together global leaders in media to address hot topics and trends.

The Global Media Congress hosts a series of training and talent development workshops, providing attendees with the opportunity...

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