Getinger: No pollution after explosion at the Refinery.

Director of "Optima Group" Andrey Getinger stated there are no ecological consequences, such as air and water pollution, after the explosion and fire at the Oil Refinery in Bosanski Brod.

He added the measurements that have been done confirmed that as well.

"There have been insinuations about what appeared to be an oil stain in Sava River, which allegedly came from the Refinery. That is not true, because the place where the explosion happened is away from the river and plants for industrial water treatment were working at the Refinery during the explosion. Pollution was not possible by underground waters either," stated Getinger at the press conference.

He said that the oil refinery is working regularly and all commitments are being fulfilled.

Competent bodies are at the explosion site determining the cause.

"Once the...

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