Ambassador Hartmann: There is a lot at stake for BiH in the coming days and weeks.

SARAJEVO -- The Austrian Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ulrike Hartmann, at the official celebration of the National Day of Austria - October 26, pointed out that Austria, in addition to the celebration of the National Day, which is based on the gained independence in 1955, celebrates this year the 30th anniversary of the Vienna World Conference on Human Rights.

In her address before the dignitaries and guests, Hartmann emphasized that Austria has always actively advocated and continues to advocate for human rights.

"Today, however, the situation in this regard is quite bad around the world. Particularly burdensome are examples of Russia's war of conquest against Ukraine and the latest terrorist attack on Israel and all its consequences. Both tragedies, which have already caused so much pain, above all to the civilian population, require a clear stance to be taken. Austria is always on the side of international law and European values. Of course, we expect the same from countries that want to be accepted into the community of the European Union," said Hartmann.

With the expectation that Bosnia and Herzegovina will take over the standards in force in the EU in the coming years, she added, at the same time Austria's position is clear for BiH to be admitted to the EU as soon as possible and to support this with all means possible.

"The geopolitical situation, which is changing dramatically, requires that the process of Bosnia and Herzegovina's accession to the European Union not be a purely technical process," said Hartmann.

While a year ago, she recalled, at this time the EU Council decided to grant candidate status, which was ultimately...

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